by Haven Caravelli

Embarking on a roof replacement project is a transformative step in enhancing your home’s allure and fortification. MEC Builds, in collaboration with Owens Corning Roofing, brings you an outline of the seamless progression leading up to, during, and after your new roof installation.

Before the Installation Begins: Preparation and Planning

4-6 Weeks Prior

  • Inspection: A meticulous roof examination, encompassing your attic space, sets the stage for a comprehensive project assessment. Multiple quotes are recommended for thorough comparison.
  • Contractor Selection: With project quotes and scope in hand, choose your professional roofing contractor. They will provide you with an installation timeline.
  • Financing: If you choose to proceed, confirming the project indicates approval, and payment arrangements will be initiated. We have many financing options available, or you can arrange it independently.
  • Permitting: Depending on your location, a new roof may necessitate permitting and additional inspections. MEC Builds will handle this process leading up to the installation.
  • Planning:  Upon quote approval and permit clearance, the planning phase commences. This encompasses ordering essential roofing materials, including shingles, underlayment, and venting. Finalize your shingle color selection to ensure seamless material procurement.

A Few Days Prior

  • Clear the work area of any items that could obstruct the crew and ensure alternate parking arrangements.

During Installation: General Roof Installation

  • Ensure pets are secure, gates are accessible, and no obstructions hinder roof access.
  • Safeguard valuable garden items and notify the roofers of any sensitive elements.
  • Discuss any special requests in advance.
  • While you can be home during installation, be prepared for significant noise.
  • Consider giving your neighbors a heads-up about the installation process.

The Roof Installation Process

  1. Removing the old roof: Messiest but necessary part of the process.
  2. Roof inspection: An examination of the roof deck and flashing to ensure a sturdy foundation.
  3. Underlayment installation: Includes replacing the metal drip edge and laying out the underlayment.
  4.  Shingle Installation: Starter shingles, followed by asphalt shingles in staggered rows, secured with roofing nails. Hip and ridge shingles complete the process.
  5. Vents: Replacement or addition based on ventilation requirements.

MEC Builds can usually do all of the Installation Process in ONE day!

After Installation

  • The contractor will conduct a final walk-through with you to ensure all commitments are met.
  • A sweep for loose debris and nails will be performed.
  • A final inspection ensures impeccable installation.
  • Cleanup procedures will take place and we always leave the site better than we found it! 

Post-Roof Installation: Wrapping up the Job

  • A representative may arrange a final review and collect the last payment.
  • Seize this opportunity to register your warranty online, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

MEC Builds and Owens Corning Roofing unite to guide you through this transformative process, ensuring your home receives the care and protection it deserves.